Have you ever experieced what happens when...

  • since you have not done any updates, now your beloved website is slow and not working as it should
  • as a result of that,  now your clients are starting to notice that your website is not working properly and leave with out giving you the business. NOT GOOD !

literally, there is nothing there and you have no idea where to even begin to start fixing it

and taking the time to check on the health of your website is the least you want to do, on top of the long list that you already have. 



Your time is so precious.

I know you're busy running your business and your time is valuable.

Let me manage your website so you can focus on the tasks that are important to you.

You might think you could handle this yourself. Just think....When you are running your business, as you grow, you will find that they are many tasks that come up that really require an experts hand. One of those tasks is the maintenance of your WordPress website. Business, family, life in general....and here you are, months later with lots of things out of date. Remember, WordPress is a piece of software, just like the software on your computer or your mobile device. Thanks to that piece of software you are able to view and read this page. And remember how you so often, have to push updates for your computer and mobile device? Why do you do those updates? because you recognize that, without those updates, your device will not work properly. Software needs to be updated as security fixes and updates are released on regular basis. If those fixes and updates are not done in time, you are risking exposing your site to malware, hackers and stolen data. Need I say more?


Are you ready for peace of mind ?

Tweedy Media is here to assist you with maintaining your website and bring you peace of mind.

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